Sunday, September 18, 2011

Before and After or After and Before

I love before and afters.  But I like the afters first. The befores are usually too ugly to hold your (my) attention.  That's why I'm showing the after first. 

This was an old chandelier.  So old, that the center body of it is made of wood.  I removed the wired in candles and the wiring and painted it  black.  I bought some large metal washers about the size of quarters that I glued on top of the spot where the wired "candles" had been.  The washers serve as a base for the votive candles.


Okay, here's the before.

This is going to the Nashville Flea Market with us next month.  Along with the 16 frames I painted today.  When I get the other 16 or so painted, I'll post pictures.

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