Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Bella Rustica Barn Sale

I went to my first barn sale over the weekend.  It was a beautiful event.  I must admit I've been a bit jealous of all those wonderful barn sales all around the country that I see on other blogs.  The Bella Rustica Barn Sale was a new event, organized by Agape, a charitable organization. 

I just love these old trucks. 

This nice lady is Brenda Hawkins of The Gypsy Moon.  We chatted with her and realized we were under the same shed at the Nashville Flea Market in June. 

Lots of great French tables.

Beautiful touches of Fall throughout.

Linda, the organizer of this event, did an amazing job.  Everything was beautifully displayed.  There was live entertainment and food vendors as well as lots of gorgeous booths by vendors from near and far.

I love this frame and the way the picture is displayed on top. 

Pam found a metal "P" like she has been wanting.  She then picked up an "R".  My first thought was oh how sweet.  She found an "R" for me so we can each have one.

But then I realized she wanted them both for herself.  Her last name also starts with "R".

We were actually invited to be a vendor, but had already put our plans in place for the Nashville Flea Market next month.   We just didn't have enough time to prepare for both events. I sure hope this becomes an annual event, because we would love to participate next time!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Before and After or After and Before

I love before and afters.  But I like the afters first. The befores are usually too ugly to hold your (my) attention.  That's why I'm showing the after first. 

This was an old chandelier.  So old, that the center body of it is made of wood.  I removed the wired in candles and the wiring and painted it  black.  I bought some large metal washers about the size of quarters that I glued on top of the spot where the wired "candles" had been.  The washers serve as a base for the votive candles.


Okay, here's the before.

This is going to the Nashville Flea Market with us next month.  Along with the 16 frames I painted today.  When I get the other 16 or so painted, I'll post pictures.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Frogs And Mason Jars

Okay, I guess if you didn't see a picture, the words "frog" and "jars" could create a different image than what I'm talking about.  Believe me, this is the only kind of frog I will bring into my house.

Isn't it beautiful?  I found this at the shop in Brentwood, Tennessee where I buy my ASCP.  It was only $4.  I guess it was my lucky day to find it, because the owner said it was the last one and they were on back order.  

I love it because it looks just like the zinc lids usually found on these old jars.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dining Room Mini Makeover

My dining room has bothered me for a long time.  Everything was blah and bland.  My table and chairs were purchased about 17 years ago from your run-of-the-mill discount furniture store.  Through the years, the table and chairs have faded from indirect sunlight, and were different colors.


After reading about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, I started to think that painting the table might not be such a daunting task after all.  I recently found  C'est Moi, a  local store in the next county that carries the ASCP.  I picked up a quart of the Old White.   It was after I saw, and impulsively ordered from Wuslu, the old script mat on Miss Mustard Seed's blog, that I became motivated to paint.  After all, I couldn't dream of unrolling this gorgeous mat in a blah room.

Since my china cabinet was the same-ish color as the chairs, I wanted to keep an even balance of painted and wood tone furniture in the room. I decided to make over the arm chairs at the ends of the table. One quart of the Old White ASCP covered my table, the 2 chairs, with a little left over.


I lightly sanded the table and arm chairs to show the wood tones.  I decided to leave the black toile cover on the 4 chairs I did not paint.  To re-cover the arm chairs, I used the citra solve method to transfer a French flea market design onto drop cloth fabric.

I love combining elegant and rustic.  I found this old chicken feed sack on Etsy.

Can you tell what is driving me nuts about this picture?

The candles weren't lit.  I'm all for consistency.  I am not for re-taking all my pictures.

I'm very pleased with the overall results.  It really wasn't that much work.  The ASCP dries very, very quickly which makes for a much faster painting process.

Thanks for stopping by!