Monday, August 29, 2011

What I learned Today – New Dictionary Art

My daughter reminded me last weekend of the old phrase “You learn something new every day”. She has been living the college life on campus for 2 weeks now. She informed me that on that particular day, a Saturday, she learned that the dining hall is closed on Saturdays. A few days later she informed that she learned something else new. The dining hall stops serving breakfast at 9:30 a.m. Of course she learned these lessons the hard way, by showing up hungry to closed doors. Now that classes have started, I trust her daily lessons are of a more academic nature.

Well, today I learned something new about Microsoft Office – 2007 version. When I posted on dictionary art HERE, one of the questions I received was what can you do when the print is showing stronger/darker than the picture. Well, being the novice that I am, the only way I’d found around this was to use high resolution or darker pictures over lighter text/backgrounds. Unfortunately I do not have any fancy software, scanners or other equipment – or any knowledge of such. Today I tried to print some pumpkins over the dictionary page, as a prelude to my fall decorating. I really do try to wait until September 1st to do my fall decorating, but I figured a couple of pumpkin prints would be okay to sneak in for these last few days of August. I discovered that the pictures I wanted to use from The Graphics Fairy, were being over powered by the text. Quite accidentally, I was playing around with the picture editing tool in Microsoft Word and found that by selecting “text wrapping” I was able to select “in front of text” and drag my picture over the dictionary page. I just pasted the image on one page in a word document, clicked on it before selecting the text wrapping feature, and then drug it down to the dictionary page below. I was pretty excited about this and immediately popped these prints in my frames.

I may be the only person that didn’t know about this feature before today, but just in case someone else needs to know, I wanted to share.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! We are having a ramsign giveaway so if you want to enter to win your own, come on over! And thanks for the tip- I didn't know that either!