Monday, August 15, 2011

Dorm Room Decorating

After six hours of moving things up to the third floor (no elevators), my daughter is moved into her dorm  room.  After many early weekend mornings of accompanying her Aunt Pam and Mom to estate sales, yard sales and the Flea Market, my daughter was expecting the full treatment for her dorm room. 

Here is a quick break down of what we did.  The comforter and sham was ordered online from Target.  This piece made everything else easy.  It contains just about every color we would want to use, so almost everything else matched it in some way.

The turquoise side table, and the head board, have been in my husband's family for years.  The headboard is part of bunkbeds he slept on as a child.  I painted the bed a pale blue/grey that Pam left at the house in some sample paints.  I painted the side table and dresser in a turquoise from Home Depot. The vinyl chandelier was ordered online from Target.  The butterscotch desk is from Pier One and was most recently functioning as my sewing table.

All but one pillow was made by moi.  The lacy pillow is from Kohls.

I am crazy about the glass knobs I found at Hobby Lobby.  We thought it would be fun to mix it up a bit by using large knobs on the small drawers, and small knobs on the large drawers.

This is what the dresser looked like before.  We bought it at the Nashville Flea Market for $30.  Aunt Pam spotted this one for us the weekend we were vendors.

Paint and pretty drawer pulls can work miracles on furniture.

I made a sink skirt and attached with sticky velcro to cover the cabinet.

 We still have a little tweaking to do.  The tension rod we bought to hang curtains was too short, so curtains aren't yet hung.   Hopefully it will be 100% complete within a couple of weeks.  Decorating a dorm room can be challenging. Forutnately we had the option of removing standard bunk beds from the room and were able to bring in all of our own furniture.  It was a lot of work, but will be worth it to make this place feel homey for the next nine months.


  1. You guys did a great job, it looks fabulous!
    I got to help my sister decorate my niece's dorm room when she was a freshman at Mercer in Macon. We had a blast. Then when she moved into a house, I got to help again. Got and painted tables, lamps and fun items from YS and my old store. She was a bit dubious at first cuz our tastes are totally differnt but I can do what I know someone else likes and she and her roomates loved it, totally retro and modern enough for them. Now, I'm sad, she graduated this year and went home to CA and my sister and my twice a year meet ups in GA are over! It goes by so fast!

  2. OmiGOSH, your daughter must have the prettiest dorm room at the university!! WOW!!