Friday, July 29, 2011

Not Myself – Things I’ve Done This Week

For some reason after I discovered that a store in Brentwood, TN carries the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, it was all I could think about. Even though I have more on my to-do list than I can handle, I used my lunch hour to go to Brentwood and buy some paint this week. Based on what I’ve heard, practically no prep is needed when using this paint so I thought this would be good to use on my dining room table. Even though I bought a gallon of Sherwin William’s Creamy White paint specifically for the table, I used it on other things then let the rest of it set out in the heat on my porch and dry up.

Probably the biggest impulsive and out-of-character thing I’ve done this week was make a large purchase. It was so impulsive I had placed the order before I barely realized what happened. Oh, the dangers of the Internet and an account with Pay pal. The purchasing process is lightening fast I tell you. Lightening fast. If you read Miss Mustard Seed's blog this week, you probably know what I’ve done. I’ll share a picture when it arrives. And when I figure out what to do with it. I won’t even mention what happened with Etsy. In case my family is reading this, I’m using what’s left of my proceeds from last month’s flea market sales to cover my purchases.

I can only think of 2 reasons why my behavior has been so out of character lately.

1.  My first born is going away to college and moving into a dorm in 2 weeks.
2.  My first born is going away to college and moving into a dorm in 2 weeks.
And - My baby starts his senior year of high school next week. Empty nest syndrome is setting in and I’m in a tailspin.

Check back in a few days because a company contacted me about sponsoring an awesome giveaway. It’s something I’ve tried to win before on another blog.

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  1. Okay Robin you are cracking me up and making me curious what you bought :)
    I did that a few weeks ago on ASCP and after I bought a HUGE amount I kind of freaked out but am having fun with it ~
    Actually I made a couple of those random "what am I doing" purchases last week ~

  2. Oooh, it doesn't take much ASCP to make a big purchase. I managed to get out with only 1 quart. Probably because I've never used it before. I don't think I want to know how much you bought :)

  3. I bet that you bought that wonderful french script rug, betcha! LOL!

    I'm ready for some chalk paint too.


  4. Looks like Sissie has been reading Miss Mustard Seed this week :)

    The store owner where I bought the paint is going to England next week to train with Annie Sloan. I think I'll be visiting her store again very soon.