Monday, June 13, 2011

Slipcovered Stool

This was a spontaneous project that I really liked more than I expected.   Last month while we were shopping at the flea market, we passed by a booth that had only the bottom half of an old green chair. The back had been pulled out of the chair.  And, it was avocado green.  However, Pam and I both spotted it at the same time and knew there was something we liked about it.  The seat had a nice curve.

After some wood filler, sanding and white paint... it was ready for a toile slipcover. I thought these sweet little lambs deserved to be front and center.

I sewed ribbon in each corner under the ruffle so it can be tied around each leg to keep it in place.   You can see some of the ribbons in this picture that haven't been tied. 

This was a project done specifically to take to our booth at the flea market this month.  It should match an antique dressing table Pam is working on.  However, I'm thinking it would make a perfect seat for my sewing machine table.

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