Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Nashville Flea Market

I had trouble deciding what to post about first with all the fun we've been having lately!  Since my sweet mother-in-law didn't get a chance to see our booth, but listens to me talk about all the stuff, I thought I would post these pictures first for her to see.  She is also constantly on the hunt for good things for us!  She is a complete asset to our business.

Here are some pictures from our booth at the flea market this weekend.  This is a 10x10 space so we really try to stack and squeeze all we can into it. 

As each piece of furniture sells, we do a quick re-do to fluff up the space.

This is the inside of the antique wardrobe we sold.  It was such a beautiful piece and would be great for so many uses.  Pam and I both would have loved to have kept this, but since there was only 1, it's probably a good thing it sold.

The china cabinet was a great place to display the hand poured soy candles made by Pam.

I totally stole this idea for displaying our business cards.  I saw this on the counter of a local boutique recently. 

I ordered some French flash cards from Etsy to use in these vintage card file drawers.

This wreath is made from French dictionary pages.

We mets lots of wonderful people again this time from locally and out of town.  People come to this flea market from out-of-state to buy and sell.  Even though it rained  more than half the time we were there, it was a fantastic weekend all around.  We are planning to go back in October and set up 2 spaces.  We're excited about the possibilities more space will give us.

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  1. Everything looks amazing! I would love to do a show like this one. I need to find one near me.

  2. Robin,
    It was so fun to meet you and your sister at the flea! Your space was amazing, lots of great things!

  3. Thanks Gloria! We've tried various retail avenues and the flea market has definitely been the best thing for us.

  4. Hi Rebecca! It was great meeting you and your friends! I thought I had a picture of all of us, but went back to look and it was only Pam and I and your friends from Mississippi. I'm glad you missed most of the rain on Saturday. Sunday was a complete wash out, but surprisingly really didn't affect our sales.

  5. I'm so glad the sale was a success, Robin! Your space looks so lovely, filled with so many beautiful pieces.