Monday, May 23, 2011

Tissue Pom Poms And Some Tweaking

I’m sure most people in my forty-something age group had “simple” childhoods like mine, compared to today’s standards and technology. You know, the days when we only had 3, sometimes 4 channels to watch on television. Of course that was plenty since you had get up and walk across the room every time you wanted to change the channel. One of my simple childhood activities I remember was making Kleenex flowers. It was a momentous occasion when we got the really big box of alternating pastel color tissues in one box. Glorious day. Take that and a pack of bobby pins we used to secure the middle and I was in flower heaven. I guess we didn’t get out much because the bright multi color tissue paper flowers they sold in the gift shops at Opryland Amusement Park were a major treat. They came attached to a long florist wire stem. Growing up in Alabama, I recall making a trip on the church bus to Nashville to visit Opryland, and bringing some these home with me.

Thankfully this craft has evolved into a more trendy and practical activity today. I suppose we can thank Martha for that. Beautiful tissue paper pom pom balls are frequently featured on blogs, hanging over party tables. Coming straight out of Debutante Ball weekend into Graduation weekend, I needed to put together a small but pretty party fast. A quick trip to the Dollar store for some tissue paper took care of most of the decorations.  I used some picture hanging wire I had to secure the middle, and twisted it around the strips of cotton for hanging.

My Mother-In-Law found another treasure she shared with me.  This vintage metal chair was hers when she was a child.  The patina on this is beautiful.  Since it is fairly small, I was determined to use it inside the house where I could see if often.  I decided to move things around in my powder room again.  This area still needs a little tweaking.  Maybe I'll find something at the flea market next weekend.  We're going to shop around and hopefully firm up our vendor space for next month.


  1. The pom poms look so pretty, I just love them and that chair is adorable.

  2. i love the flowers! i think i like the strip of cotton you used to hang them as much as the flowers!
    and that chair . . . love it!

  3. I love making pom poms and I do remember making the tissue flowers when I was a little girl.

    I like the way you added the fabric hanger.


  4. Thanks Ladies! I ripped strips of a floursack towel to hang them.

  5. I love these pompoms !
    ♥RINI♥ the Netherlands