Thursday, May 26, 2011

Alabama Barn Wood

There was a little old, dilapidated barn that sat across from our Dad's house in Alabama.  It sat on property that belongs to his high school friend.  Dad remembered me discussing the charm of old barn wood when his friend decided to tear down the barn, and brought me several pieces.  I painted a piece white and propped it up on my kitchen counter.  For months.  After I finally got organized enough to choose a phrase and print it out in a pleasing font, I found it difficult to transfer onto the wood because of the wood texture.  At that point, I was so tired of looking at a plain white piece of wood on my counter, I decided to free hand the letters.

 I was fairly pleased with the results. Even though it isn't nearly as special as the signs I've been drooling over on other blogs.  At least I liked it better than the plain white wood.  I actually put some hanging wire on the back and hung it on the wall.  I decided I wouldn't intentionally show it to anyone in an attempt to get a genuine reaction.  When we had a small gathering for my daughter's graduation last weekend, Pam and someone else spotted it right away, with favorable reaction.  That may just inspire me to try this again.  After all, I still have some Alabama barn wood.