Saturday, April 30, 2011




I've been trying to change the style of my powder room lately, one frugal find at a time.  A few weekends ago I found these 2 frames.  I actually found them different places and different weekends at yard sales.  Pam has been working on Saturdays since last November, so I decided to brave a few lone weekends of treasure hunting without her.  I was happy to find that the current issue of Country Living Magazine had a similar idea about using frames.

With all the white, I felt like this space needed something incredibly rustic or industrial.  My mother-in-law just happened upon this old lantern in her attic and brought it to me.  She had no idea how much I loved lanterns.  Or needed something just like this in my powder room.  It was actually her idea.  I was showing her my changes and commented on its lack of something, and she brought this in.  Wow.  That was certainly a lucky weekend for me.  There is even another one.  Fancier.  When I get it cleaned up I'll share a picture. 

Beginning next Saturday, Pam is off on weekends again.  We are getting geared up for a big weekend of treasure hunting and I am so excited.  We are on the hunt for some flea market projects.


  1. The lantern is great! Your mom has good taste!!!

  2. Thanks Sherry. I'm very fortunate that she is always sending things my way!