Thursday, March 24, 2011

Accidental Artists

Last weekend Pam and I had plans to take it easy at my house and make some candles.  In the middle of our candle making process we received a text from The Willow's Nest stating they has just sold another large piece of furniture and needed more merchandise.  We really didn't have any large pieces finished.  With only moderate hesitation, I grabbed up my French grain sack slip covered bench and put it in Pam's car.  We also grabbed up the candles as soon as they hardened, and ran up to Chapel Hill to restock and fluff our booth.  Pam's driving was a bit wonky that day.  She kept saying "Wooo. I don't remember the road being this curvy."  On the way home, she even missed the turn to my house.  As we went down the road to turn around, I pointed out a new Art Gallery that had just opened.  The owner happened to be inside and so kindly let us in to look around.  The place is beautiful and amazing inside.  Just like walking into a magazine spread.  Of course we quickly realized how much we would love to have some of our things featured there.  Well, 4 exciting days later.... we are artists at the Rockvale Art Gallery.  The Gallery  will be the exclusive retailer for our things in Rutherford County. (Our booth at the Willow's Nest is actually located in the next county over). Who knows what would have happend if Pam hadn't missed that turn last weekend. 

We will be posting more information about the Rockvale Art Gallery in the near future, including details about art classes that will be offered.    I think there's going to be a lot of fun and exciting things going on.  Here is just a sneak peak inside:


  1. It was Kismet!congrats on a new venue.

  2. Thank goodness for wonky driving and funny sisters! Congratulations on your new art adventure.


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  4. Thanks Kari. I left a message on your blog :)