Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Whoooo Loves Ya Baby?

If you’re of my generation, the first thing that may have come to mind when you read this, is a bald man with a lollipop. Yes, Mr. Kojak himself. However, we’re showing a little owl love here. Pam has scored not one, but four of these vintage ceramic owls. She painted each one an aqua color, then white, and did her usual distressing. The old colors weren’t doing it for me on these. But as they are now, I can see these working beautifully in many décor styles. I’m not sure if she is willing to part with all of these, but at least one should make it to our booth at The Willow’s Nest in Chapel Hill, TN. And, possibly she will share more of them at the Nashville Flea Market, where we are planning to set up a booth in May.

I'm afraid these pictures do not do these owls justice!  I think I need to start a piggy bank fund to buy Pam a real camera.  You know, the $79 special at Wal Mart, like mine : )   Her only camera and internet access are through her black berry and Ipad, which is why I'm the one always doing the blogging.

I'll try to get and post a better picture of the owls, because they really are pretty!


  1. Check out my blog....I left you something!



  2. Robin,
    Let me know where you will be set up at the flea in May, would love to see your space!