Sunday, January 2, 2011

Meet Clara

And Bertie

And Otis

We spent some time this weekend working on owl projects.  The actual pillows are made from all new materials.  Clara is  made from reclaimed vintage fabrics and buttons.  Bertie is made from reclaimed vintage and new fabrics, with vintage button eyes.  It's hard to see in the pictures, but they are top stitched (by machine) onto the cotton pillow fabric.  We will be working on some more of these to add to our shop and to Etsy.

We are excited about 2011.  As I've mentioned previously, everything we did in 2010 was spontaneous and with little planning.  December found us working on custom orders and struggling to keep up; and, with countless ideas floating around in our heads that never made it out.  However, our goal for 2011 is to have a plan and stick to it!  That plan will hopefully include another weekend at the Nashville Flea Market in the spring.  The fate of the Nashville Flea Market was in the hands of local government throughout last year, but it appears everything has been resolved for now and the flea market will continue at its original location.  One of the best parts of our new venture has been meeting all the friendly and fun people.  That was the best part of the Nashville Flea Market for us! 

Thanks for your interest in our blog and our little business! 


  1. Robin,
    So glad you visted and are following! Hope you get a chance to check out some of those blogs, they are fab. You are so lucky you get to follow your passion with your sister! (Mine has now intrest what so ever, but I do have my best friend as a partner in crime!) Your blog is adorable, love your projects and will be checking back often!

  2. These pillows are absolutely precious, Robin! One of my oldest friends lives in Nashville and recently bought an amazing bungalow--I'll be sure to tell her about your store and that she should check out the flea market for your booth. And thanks for following my blog, too! Best wishes for 2011!


  3. Thanks Erin! I'm looking forward to spending more time on everyone's blogs and need to update my blog list as soon as I can find the time. :)

  4. HI,please pop over and visit me as I have an award for you..xx