Monday, December 6, 2010

New Store Hours

New store hours are now effective for The Willow's Nest.  The shop is open Monday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5 PM.   What is equally as great is the addition of a book store inside The Willow's Nest!  A local book store has moved inside. The Willow's Nest is located in a vintage cottage type house on the main street in Chapel Hill.  Every room of the house is packed with great merchandise.  And now, one entire room is dedicated to books, used and new.  In fact, I need to take pictures of the entire place next time I'm there.  There is also lots of great Christmas merchandise beautifully displayed and for sale by the owner of the shop.  The phone number for the Willow's Nest is 931-364-4104.

This is the reindeer moss wreath I've been working on. 

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  1. Hi Erin...I am in LOVE with this vintage moss wreath. It has so much character...

    Thanks for joining my 100 follower giveaway....

    Have a great weekend...