Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Request

The hymnal wreaths have been popular this week.  We sold one at the store on Saturday, and 2 more by special orders since then.  The picture above is one I made from a 1958 hymnal.  The pages are a beautiful antiqued yellow.  This wreath was made for a customer that is giving it to her music minister brother and his family as a housewarming gift next week.  The bad news?  We're almost out of hymnal pages.   So here is where the request comes in.  We would greatly, greatly appreciate any tips on where to buy some vintage hymnals or sheet music.  If anyone reading this has some they would like to sell, please send us an email at

And, on the subject of selling.  If there are any local readers (in the Nashville area or surrounding counties) that have vintage furniture or household items they would be interested in selling we would love to hear from you.  Pam and I started our little business this summer without much (okay, any) real planning.  We've spent many Saturday mornings at estate and yard sales, and many evenings on Craigslist.  With cold winter at our door, our buying opportunities are dropping with the temperatures.   We really appreciate your interest and support!

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