Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wreaths For All Seasons

Okay, so wreaths have  been my project of choice lately.  Especially the paper kind.  I've been trying to build up a variety of items to put in our store next week.  I also like to get as much bang for my buck, and yours, as possible.  By adding a green button to this wreath, it will be easy to switch out the pumpkin ribbon with Christmas ribbon, and then something else for spring.  I think a pretty green gingham ribbon would look great on this.

This paper wreath is made from French dictionary pages. 

Okay, so this may be the first and last reindeer moss wreath offered by 2 Vintage Sisters.  I still need to buy one more pack of moss to fill in a few spots.  This one has been even more tedious than I expected.    I have some pretty green striped ribbon I'm going to add to this one as soon as it is finished. But for now, I think my rooster makes a nice wreath holder, n'est-ce pas?

I think this is my favorite.  A paper wreath made from an old hymnal.  Unfortunately I was only able to make 2 wreaths with my limited supply of music.  I will certainly be on the hunt for more old music books or sheet music. Pam and I each want one of these for our homes!  

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  1. the green button wreath is so cute-i found your blog today while visiting another i like that you have a variety of projects i am so jealous you and your sister share a store (i so wish my sister would become as excited about all things crafty) i am your newest follower

  2. Thanks! My advice is just go for it and follow your passion. There are opportunities out there that don't require long term commitments. Our first big step was one weekend at a flea market. We also want to try out some different venues next year. Thanks for stopping by our blog!!!