Sunday, October 24, 2010

New Life For A School Desk

We had this desk with us at the flea market last month.  However, it was still in its original state and I don't think anyone even gave it the slightest glance.  We just didn't have time to give it a well deserved makeover until now.   I personally chiseled off the petrified gum from underneath.  What is it with gum and school desks?  Now it has been painted a nice white with a very slight gray  undertone.  The paint is the Behr line from Home Depot and is the paint and primer in one.  I actually found this on the oops table, so I can't give a specific color name.  The writing area has been transformed into a little chalkboard.

I have just the perfect book for this spot.  A vintage Tasha Tudor children's stories book.

I thought this music paper wreath tied with tulle ribbon added a charming and romantic touch.  The seat of the desk has been distressed  to reflect a time worn look.

I can see this desk being used in a variety of ways, both functional and decorational.  And, being white, it is certainly versatile.

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  1. I just picked up a desk just like this yesterday for my son. So cute!

  2. Thanks everyone! Erin, I wish I had thought about these when my children were younger. I think they could be great for homework or home schooling.

  3. My son actually had a desk like this that came from an old school house that was being demolished. He used it through kindergarten and early grammar school as his study and art work space. After he was too big for it, we donated it to a local museum where today, years later, it still is shown in a historical setting display. Good for you for repurposing things.