Monday, September 27, 2010

Words Cannot Express Our Thanks

We had the most AMAZING weekend at the Nashville Flea Market!  We met some of the most AMAZING and CUTEST people that blessed us beyond belief with their sweet and kind words.  We cannot express how much it means to us that everyone took time to stop by our booth, chat with us,  hear our story and look at our work.  This weekend was the first time we have ever gone public with our merchandise.

Over the summer we have been collecting and creating furniture and home accessories that speak to us.  The whole process was great fun  and also  great bonding time between sisters and a daughter/niece.  We really didn't have a specific goal at the time.  While we create things we love, we really didn't know if others would love them too.  Several weeks ago we decided that the Flea Market would be a good place to just get out there and see what happens.   Wow, and happen it did.  We rolled in Saturday morning and packed our space as tight as we could, with chairs on top of tables, tables on top of tables and everything else tucked in between.  By Sunday afternoon, almost every thing was gone.  

I tried to get some good pictures, but it was the Flea Market.  You'll have to try to look past the chain link fence and cars behind our booth.   Oh, and the dirt floor.

This blue dressing table and mirror was the first furniture piece to go.  I thought Pam was going to shed a tear or two.  This was her labor of love and she had gotten pretty attached to it.   But, it went to a good home.

Pam was also pretty attached to this white table.  It also went to a good home.

Two of these blue chairs went home with the most adorable couple just beginning to furnish their place.   

This blue cabinet was originally hand made as a Barbie wardrobe about 30 years ago.  It almost found a home, but in the end lost out to the white dresser with the no. "5".

This is what our booth looked like late Sunday afternoon.  The black desk was being held for someone.

We've had suggestions and invitations for future sales.  We are looking into some different options and will keep you updated on our progress.   But, many, many thanks again to EVERYONE that came to see us this weekend!


  1. Hey Vintage sisters! We saw your booth at the flea market this weekend and thought it was just adorable! If you ever do any other sales events in Nashville, we would love to split a space with you all! My sisters and I have just recently started our own business selling handmade items. Our blog is htpp:// Hope you will check us out!

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by our booth and our blog. I checked out your Etsy and that rooster painting is amazing! I'm definitely a rooster gal. We are new to this and apparently there are tons of sales I've never heard of. I'll definitely get back with you when we figure out what our next step is. Thanks again, Robin

  3. I am soooooo happy that you made it out to the Flea Market!! I can't wait to see what you all think up next! Your stuff is just adorable!

    Looking forward to more!


  4. Thanks Hope! We had so much fun meeting everyone! We're working on some things and will send out an email to everyone soon.