Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Grandma's Table

This drum table sat at the end of my Grandma's green Naugahyde couch most of my life. I always liked it, even as a teenager. When my Grandma had a stroke, and thought her end was near, she made sure to tell the people around her that this table was for me. My Grandma lived one more year after that, and I've had this table ever since. Most recently I was using it as a bedside table. I'm not sure who did the last finish job on it, but there were dried drips of stain on the edges and water spots on top that had been finished over but still showed through the stain. The lower edge was cracked. However, none of this really detracted from the beauty and sentiment it holds for me. But, after twenty plus years, I decided it was time to do a makeover and use it where it would be noticed. Sorry, I thought I had better "before" pictures, but looks like I only had one. I was really anxious to get started with the painting.

I picked out a Glidden satin interior paint at Home Depot in the Behr line, called Enchanting Ginger (S-H-320). This paint goes on looking like French's mustard, but dries a beautiful deep color. My table had a heavy shiny finish on it. I was a little afraid to try stripping the finish. I just used one of those foam type sanding blocks and gave it a good sanding and used a little wood glue on the edge. I applied the paint carefully, letting it dry well between each of the three coats. Since I know I will always keep this table, I skipped the priming. If the paint hadn't gone on and stayed on, I would have tried priming. After it dried well, I sanded the edges and spots where you would have expected it to look worn.

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