Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Weekend Finds

Saturday morning at 7:35 I was standing in line at the new Dollar General store for my free $10 gift card (It was the Grand Opening).  Afterwards I thought I would head down one of the main streets lined with subdivisions to check out some yard sales.  Since the skies were dark and heavy, I rushed through quickly.  At the last stop on my way back towards home, I found these:

A vintage Ethan Allen coffee table.  I'm not sure what color this will be when we're done.

We're going to paint and distress this piece, add some stylish knobs, and replace the hinges if possible.  The lady I bought this from said that it was hand made for her about 30 years ago, to use as  a Barbie clothes wardrobe.  She had been using it for jewelry.  I'm thinking there are several ways this can be used.  It even has hangers on the back so it can be mounted on the wall.

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