Friday, July 9, 2010

The Chair

I really wish I had remembered to take a before picture of this chair.  I noticed how nice and sturdy it was while my son was sitting on it as Pam, my daughter and I were checking out everything in an antique store.  The chair was just screaming "paint me".  Okay, so maybe that was my 16 year old son screaming because we forced him to hang out in antique stores for more than an hour one early Saturday morning.

At my daughter's suggestion, we carried our supplies and projects and set up under a nice shade tree last weekend.  What a beautiful day!  There was a wonderful, steady breeze the entire time.  Anyway, we played around with the color process on this one.  We started with a base coat of white, then green, then we hand mixed the final blue.  Pam did her master sanding and distressing and ta-DA. 

I felt like the blue needed an earthy color for balance, so I grabbed my sewing machine and made this burlap pillow.

Okay, so the lighting is a little different in this one and the chair color looks a little more green here.

We have to make a day trip to Huntsville tomorrow.  We're leaving a little early because I'm really hoping we will spot some garage sales along the way.  The first hour of the trip is through little rural towns.  My favorite place to be!

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