Monday, September 28, 2015

Cottage Living Room Dressed For Fall

This is the living room in the 1955 cottage we moved into this summer.  We added the shiplap over the fireplace, and painted the stone and and walls in Sherwin Williams Snowbound.  We downsized from a house more than twice the size, so the arrangement of the furniture was mostly a matter of what fit where. 


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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Snowbound In Summer

I just wanted to share a few pictures of the white I used in the new house.  It is Snowbound by Sherwin Williams.  

  It is the first time I've had white walls throughout most of the house in over 20 years!  

I don't know about you, but I have fall decorating on my mind!  I'm hoping to get to a Hobby Lobby in the next couple of weeks to check out the fall decor.  There isn't a Hobby Lobby close to the new house, but it is certainly worth the 45 minute drive!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Downsizing Our Home - A Big Change

Well, we've gone from this...

                                               to this.

That section on the left end with short windows is all garage, not living space.  Like they say, "location, location, location".  The new house is all about location.

This is a peek at the inside "before" condition.  These photos were on the real estate listing.   Keep in mind these photos have been heavily edited for marketing purposes.  The house was built in 1955.

The living room.

The den

Every room has since been painted, except for the bathrooms which are still stuck in 1955, pink tile and all. I'll share some new photos soon.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Daughter's Wedding and Farewell To Our Farm

Our daughter wanted her wedding at home on our farm.  The wedding was in May and we moved 2 weeks later.  I like to think that her wedding was the best way to leave the farm, with a joyous and and beautiful celebration with family and friends.

We have downsized significantly, moving from Murfreesboro, TN to Nashville, TN.

We've simplified our life quite a bit and I plan to devote more time to blogging.  We bought a 1955 cottage and have lots to do to make it pretty.  I'll be back soon with more wedding pictures and to share our new home.

Wedding photos are by Kate Cauthen Photography

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Saturday, April 25, 2015

Country Living Fair Nashville

I just wanted to post a few pictures from the Country Living Fair today.  It was the first time we have been to one of these, and we were very impressed with the show!  It was laid out very well and nicely organized.  We got there about 30 minutes before the gates opened and bought tickets on site.

One of the first booths we found was Cash and Cari with HGTV's Cari Cucksey.

One of the top things on our  "to do" list was to catch the cooking demonstration with the Beekman Boys.  This was definitely the highlight of our day.  They were so pleasant and funny, and gladly answered questions from everyone.  We loved hearing about their farm and animals, their time on The Amazing Race, and a few tid bits about Martha!  I think these guys would be awesome neighbors! I wish my little farm was next door to theirs :)

A couple of years ago, I gave Pam their first cookbook for her birthday.  I didn't realize they now have 3 cookbooks out.  I bought their Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook at the Fair, which they kindly signed.  Pam bought the same cookbook and their newest book, Beekman 1802 Heirloom Vegetable Cookbook.  They were super nice and glad to chat with everyone.  

This was the line waiting for the gates to open.  The sale has one more day tomorrow.  I really hope this will become an annual event for Nashville!

I've had lots going on around the house and hope to post information and pictures soon.  My daughter is getting married at our house next month and there is still LOTS to get done!

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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Vintage Style Flash Cards

When Pam and I went to the Bella Rustica Barn Sale last month, we saw a vendor with very large flash cards.  I fully intended to get some, but apparently got distracted and forgot.  I was curious when I found a download for sale on Etsy, for large flash cards.  I figured I would give it a try, at $3.99.

I printed the set of 12 cards (3 per page) on off white card stock.  I just happened to have a heavier weight card stock on hand, and  I think it was the best for how I wanted to use these.  Although I did have to give it a nudge to get it to feed through my printer.  I just printed, and cut each one out.

And since the cards were for words like "glitter" and "crown", I broke out the German glass glitter and used it on a "Frozen" crown from Dollar General.

I purchased the card printable from the shop at THIS LINK .   There are other options for the word groups and sizes.  I think these are pretty cool and plan to go back and purchase some more, when I figure out a use for them.

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